There are days when I am so excited with how far I have come with my travel memoir about my time in Africa. And there are other days when I cannot believe how long I have been slogging away at it. At the time, I felt like the first draft would never be finished. Until one day,… Continue reading STATUS: Draft


Congrats to @KatherineKrige on winning round 3 of our twitter contest! Please select 2 books from here @CNFCollective — The Malahat Review (@malahatreview) February 25, 2015 How is that for a nice thing to happen on a Wednesday. Wondering what I had to do to win? I have been tweeting in the Malahat Review's… Continue reading #140memoir


UPDATE: For those who have been following along with the continuing saga of the writing of my African Adventure, know that I am still at it. A prologue has been re-added to my African tale (I had one, took it out, then completely reworked it), but this time with more details of life before I left… Continue reading Perseverance

Editing Africa

I have over 67,000 words written and edited in my African tale. That hails from the 97 original posts I wrote over at A New Day. I have added a Table of Contents, Chapter headings and subheadings, plus done extensive edits on the many words that I first started to pen back in 2010. And… Continue reading Editing Africa