Starting is the easy part. You come up with ideas, characters, initial plotlines. The trick is to keep going. Write until you reach the end of your novel. And then go back and edit it. And edit it some more. Don't stop until it's done. What you will end up with is a life-changing process… Continue reading Persevere


It's true. If you put in the effort, keep up your momentum and dedicate yourself to a¬†longterm goal, eventually there will be results. People notice. The universe notices. And sometimes it deigns to give back. I have been working as a Freelance Writer for the last five years. During that time, I have had as… Continue reading Consistency


UPDATE: For those who have been following along with the continuing saga of the writing of my African Adventure, know that I am still at it. A prologue has been re-added to my African tale (I had one, took it out, then completely¬†reworked it), but this time with more details of life before I left… Continue reading Perseverance