For those who have been following along with the continuing saga of the writing of my African Adventure, know that I am still at it. A prologue has been re-added to my African tale (I had one, took it out, then completely reworked it), but this time with more details of life before I left Canada. As of last night, my word count sits at 70,646 words and 283 pages. It just keeps growing!

Can I share something with you though? It feels like I might never finish this. I have been writing and editing the story for longer than I was away and it just keeps getting longer. I keep going back to the beginning again and editing from square one. Over and over again! Argh!!

But, every time I go back again the story feels better than the last. The scenes keep on fleshing out and growing bigger. The writing is definitely getting stronger. If I can keep my focus and drive intact, I just might have a pretty decent book once I get to the end of it. And I say “once”, not “if” to keep my momentum going.

One thing I am sure of, I know my memoir will get longer before it’s done.

Thank you to my friends for your advice and insight at this stage. You keep my going and I know you know who you are. If anyone else is interested in beta-reading a section of the tale let me know and I will gladly take your two cents worth too.

For now, I keep editing, and editing, and editing…

Your words make my day. Thanks for commenting!

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