Where to Find Samples of My Work

CLC Tree Services: The Blog – This site is owned by a tree services company and as suggested, it is “A place to share a little bit about trees and how they affect our world.” Articles range from informative pieces about insects that attack trees and how to combat them, general upkeep, and seasonal suggestions on how to take care of your trees, to alternate uses of trees that you might never have considered.

Load of Rubbish: Blog – We’ve all got a little extra junk kicking around and the folks at Load of Rubbish know it. The articles for this junk removal company discuss recycling, reducing, and reusing the detritus of our lives to leave ourselves and the world a better place.

In Your Neighbourhood: The View From Jim’s World – The owner of this blog is a real estate agent. The articles found in his blog are about local activities and events, home and garden projects, DIY home improvements, plus tips and suggestions from the real estate world.

Budding Artists Studio: The tagline on this blog is “All about nurturing, creating, preserving and crafting children’s artwork” and you will find samples of my writing in the many artist spotlights featured on the site.

A New Day: Stories & Poetry of a Woman Writing:  Here you will find my personal blog filled with poetry, prose, book reviews, and the occasional short story or two.

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