Seasons Change

Happy Summer Solstice friends! As the sun warms my face, I look forward to what summer brings. As much as beach days, vacations, and late night bonfires draw me, I need to keep my pulse on the work world too. With a client cutting back on hours, I am in the market for new clients… Continue reading Seasons Change



Labour Day has come and gone. The first school bell of the year has rung. And quiet has descended upon my home. Goodbye summer vacation! While I love the lazy days with the kids and frequent trips to the beach, a return to routine is a welcome thing. This week has been about housekeeping; invoicing,… Continue reading Melting

Back to School

One more week. Time to; pack pencil cases learn lock combinations set the alarm clock work in runners prepare lunchables/snacks Enjoy the last of our free days... head to the beach sleep in a tent have a campfire walk in the woods ignore work a little bit to squeeze in a few more moments of… Continue reading Back to School

Toast to the Weekend!

The minutes are counting down on the week of summer camp for the girls. They have sweated through a hot one, as temperatures have been in the 30s most days, with the humidex topping out at 46°C this afternoon. Heat Wave~~~ Coming home has been no help though, as the a/c died at my house. Inside temperatures… Continue reading Toast to the Weekend!

Set Sail

I claim to be a freelance writer, and I am, yet far too many days I find myself scouring other people's words to share with others. It is called content curation. And as I understand the power of social media and how to wield it, people turn to me for help in that avenue. Content curation is… Continue reading Set Sail