Celebration Days


the world is my stage
to let artistic thoughts fly
on poetry day


a breath of your air
your carpeted floor on feet
my forest, our world
#internationaldayofforests #IntlForestDay

single parents

one pair of arms
one set of eyes
one beat of time
– for you
all I ever wished for
all I ever needed
all I can ever give
– to you

The girls who inspire poetry in their favourite place—the forest



This morning I got lost in ambedo.
Rain on windowpane,
puddling a stain
on my resting soul.
Rivulets washed away
cold winter’s grip,
bruised sunshine drip;
its hold tentative, frayed…
Icy pangs quicksilver;
now softened to Spring thaw—
a hint of damp huzza—
yet days forward still a mere blur.
Today’s hold in these stark drops
or tomorrow’s clear release – stop.

Christmas Gift

Christmas is in the air.
The spirit all around
People bustle to and fro,
seeking perfect gifts that abound

But this year all I wish for,
this year all I want,
is a piece of yesterday’s memory,
your soul in our children’s hearts.

Too many years you’ve been missing.
They wouldn’t recognize you anymore.
But to see your face, as your children embrace –
a priceless moment I’d adore.

So I’ll look up to the heavens
and search for your shining star.
It’s the closest thing to the gift I want
The gift of a father’s heart.