Going Green

The world is ready to go green again

I get emails on a fairly regular basis from individuals and companies who would like to see me try out, read or review their product/book/event. Some go to my spam box and stay there. I am not kind enough to give decent reviews to everything and everyone out there. While I try to be honest, I also try to offer some modicum of positivity and if your event is too far, your book needs too much more editing, or your product just doesn’t jive in my world, I can’t help you. I don’t need to waste either of our time.

That being said, I have also come across some great offers. One of them was an offer to attend the upcoming Green Living Show in Toronto, Ontario. This year’s show is being held at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre from April 7-9, 2017. It features simple solutions for leading a healthy and sustainable lifestyle, which is something I already support. With vendors including green-living chefs, exhibitors in the fashion and beauty industry, and artisans in the Ontario Wood section, I am excited to see what’s on offer.

The Green Living Show is Canada’s largest consumer show dedicated to simple solutions for leading a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

What will I come away with? The opportunity to get an insider look into a successful trade show. A chance to meet green leaders in my community. Ideas for upcoming posts for existing clients. Maybe the opportunity to meet other bloggers, freelance writers, or potential clients who need someone to give a little oomph to their social media platforms. Or maybe just some green produce bags that I’ve been eyeing for a while.

The date is coming up fast, so stay tuned to hear how the show turns out. I can’t wait to share some of the green living products and ideas I come across with you and hope to maybe find some products that resonate with my family. Can’t wait to go Green!


Sick Day

My schedule has switched up a bit recently and I am still working out the timing of things. New clients have come my way, at least for a short-term basis, but other clients I’ve worked with for a while are scaling back a bit. It means rethinking what I need to do when, which is fine, but on the first day of a cold, all I want to do is crawl back into bed.

My inspiration is less than at its peak, but my boss doesn’t pay sick pay. Darn self-employment. I also don’t get vacation pay, so dreaming of summer vacations instead of working doesn’t help either. Sigh

Perhaps I will just take a moment to reflect back on the long weekend instead (I probably gave them my germs, but we can suffer together). This Family Day weekend there were hugs, laughs, and many moments with family. My sister was down with her kids for a visit, and good food, cheese, and drinks were on the menu. We challenged an Escape Room and won with 2 minutes to spare (shocked us with our smarts). Plus, we got in some much-needed nature time, as who could resist the balmy temperatures. All moments to buoy up dull mid-winter souls.

Now if only I could hear the rustle of leaves and squeals of laughter as we slid down mud-slicked hills again instead of my growling laptop. That would be nice. I suspect I have to add a computer to my shopping wish list, along with an air conditioner this year. 

Suddenly, summer vacations just became that much more remote a dream. Time to get back to work. Anyone in need of a Freelance Writer? winter walk

A Picture of Integrity

It’s rare for me to be in front of the camera. I take it wherever I go when working for a client, but the images I capture are for them and their businesses. I offer a service, and am an important part of my client’s businesses, but not a face of their companies.

When I get to attend a function therefore, I am thrilled to be a part of the event. I do my best to look the part of a professional, but know my place. The camera is in front of my eye capturing the moment, not me. Today was no different.

Today, I attended the Better Business Bureau Serving Western Ontario‘s 19th Annual Business Integrity Awards. The awards celebrate high ethical standards and integrity in business in London, Ontario. After a lengthy application process, the nominees are whittled down to three contenders for Category I (1-10 employees) and Category II (11+ employees) finalists. Each of these three companies is then highlighted at the breakfast and gets to present a brief video presentation on the merits of their companies. I am always impressed by the lengths these companies go.

Today’s winners are 1-800-got-junk (category I) and Hangar 9 (Category II). Congratulations!

I snapped photos to mark these companies’ moments of glory, then listened to subsequent speakers and the Keynote speaker of the morning, Dr Vipul Jairath. All of these people strive to be the best in their business practices, upholding the concept of integrity in all they do. They are a hallmark of what individuals and companies should strive for as they conduct themselves in the business world. And being even a small part of that is a huge honour.

So no, there weren’t any pictures of me captured today (again). And no, this post isn’t about my business. But it is about being a part of something bigger, whether you see me or not. I strive to do my utmost for clients. I try to capture them at their best and the moments they are a part of in the best light possible. Sometimes it is about them, and sometimes it is about the people they associate with.

Today, CLC Tree Services supported Business Integrity by attending the #BBBAwards2016. They received this coveted award in 2010, and still practice integrity in their daily business life. I proudly sat at their table to honour their support of integrity in our city. Accolades today weren’t about them, but recognizing it in others is as important as living the concept themselves.

There are days when my skills are recognized, but today the focus was on others. Knowing that local companies value hard work, ethics, best business practices, and an overall high business integrity reminds me that I too need to offer that. The invitation to be a part of this respected event lets me know that perhaps I already do.

I am proud to say I was there.BBBAwards2016

A Latte Moment

One of the perks of working from home is the ability to leave home when I want to. Today, I dropped off the kids at school, picked up a book from the library, then headed home to do some social media work for clients. Twitter reminded me it was National Coffee Day though and suddenly I wanted one. Sure I could have brewed up a pot at home, but I also remembered it was market day at my favourite farmer’s market.

Drab weather be darned, I headed out!

Now I sit in a busy cafe, sipping a latte and wondering how else to fill my afternoon. Should I go home and clean off my desk? Fall cleaning for the home office is on my to-do list. Perhaps I should wander around downtown and snap a few pictures to fill albums with fresh content? I am always in need of pictures to highlight blog posts and other social media updates. Is there a story just waiting to be discovered right here in this room, if I look and listen hard enough? Stories are everywhere.

I think I will sit for a few minutes more and think about that…

A little latte for National Coffee Day
A little latte for National Coffee Day


Labour Day has come and gone. The first school bell of the year has rung. And quiet has descended upon my home. Goodbye summer vacation!

While I love the lazy days with the kids and frequent trips to the beach, a return to routine is a welcome thing. This week has been about housekeeping; invoicing, dentist and doctor appointments. I have a mental list of people to contact to kick my oomph back into gear and perhaps scare up a new client or two. I even plan to clean off my desk and see if I can reorganize my cluttered home office to make it more efficient and attractive, thereby hopefully inspiring poignant or poetic words to flow.

Today though, it is hot. My a/c died weeks ago, but the scorching temperatures just keep coming—it feels like 43°C outside with the humidex, and inside, the fan is blithely blowing around 29°C air. Not exactly helping me to produce expansive articles for clients, nor scintillating stories for me. My brain is melting…

I give. There are 1½ hours until the school bell lets my equally wilted children out from their un-air conditioned school. I think I need to grab our bathing suits and take them over to my favourite escape—my aunt’s pool.

Stay cool!

Time for a swim
Time for a swim