Exercising my Rights: Time to Vote

election results
Canada Votes October 19th

Today is election day in Canada.

I had a knock on the door a few minutes ago from a representative of one of the major political parties checking to see if I had voted yet. How is that for keen? I suppose they wanted to make sure I hadn’t forgotten that today is election day. Like anyone could avoid all of the commercials, radio ads, political signs and news articles that have been circulating for the last three months about the election. It all culminates today; October 19th.

Finally, it’s time to vote today!

So as I told him, I haven’t been out to vote just yet today, but it is on my list of things-to-do. As politics is just one of the many conversations that my children and I have around our dinner table, they would like to be a part of my vote. They always come with me on election day and like to be part of the process. They want to know who is running, what their platforms are, and why I plan to vote for one party over another. Of that, I am proud.

My girls are both still several years from being able to vote themselves, but I love that they are curious about our election process and how our country is run. Imbuing them with the knowledge that they can make a difference is powerful. In Canada, everyone is given the right to vote, which isn’t always the case around the world. And they know that.

My vote may or may not be enough to bring change to my country, but knowing that I am a part of the process to select the people who will run it is enough. I hope to see as many Canadians as possible exercise their rights to vote today. Knowledge is power and together our voices wield a power that can change our world. Get out and be part of the change.


Will you be following the election results along with me this evening?

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