We Remember

Remembrance Day is an emotional celebration. In the days and weeks leading up to Remembrance Day, we look to the past and the people who have fought for our freedom. We are blessed to live in Canada, a nation that welcomes those from war-torn nations around the world. We send troops to their lands to… Continue reading We Remember

Exercising my Rights: Time to Vote

Today is election day in Canada. I had a knock on the door a few minutes ago from a representative of one of the major political parties checking to see if I had voted yet. How is that for keen? I suppose they wanted to make sure I hadn't forgotten that today is election day.… Continue reading Exercising my Rights: Time to Vote

Remembrance Day: The Stories that we Need to Hear – via Veterans Affairs Canada

Today is a day to Remember. Too many have lost their lives to keep Canada strong and free. They paid the ultimate sacrifice and we can never forget that. Their stories need to be shared. And the best way I can think of to do that is to listen. For my part, I silently stood… Continue reading Remembrance Day: The Stories that we Need to Hear – via Veterans Affairs Canada

A New Day: What’s Not Okay

I wanted to share this post here. I originally wrote it on my creative blog, but it is a topic which┬áis on many people's minds at the moment - abuse. The story touches all Canadians. It also touches all women. Ultimately it should touch everyone and we should stand united on how we treat people;… Continue reading A New Day: What’s Not Okay

Stepping Out

Freelance writing can be a lonely career choice. It is a solitary occupation, often done at home, minus co-workers. There is no conversation over the water cooler. There are no chats about your weekend during smoke breaks (not that I smoke or ever have). You certainly interact with people; clients, publishers, editors or other writers,… Continue reading Stepping Out