Dressed for Success

Knock, knock…

Did you hear me when I suggested putting a little effort into your appearance yesterday? Maybe the message was lost at the end of the post, but I mean it. Just because you work from home, doesn’t mean that you don’t have to invest in yourself. In fact, you should worry about you even more!

But wearing sweats and a hoodie are more comfortable, and no one sees me anyway

Nope. Wrong attitude. Why do we put an effort into how we look any other time? Because other people see us? Okay, but who matters most? YOU do.

So why should you take the extra steps to make yourself presentable? That’s easy. To power you up, so you can feel better. In turn that makes your whole day better. When we start out with a positive mindset, we feel like we can tackle more. It also improves the chance that we will be more successful at the task at hand.

You might not think that a hairbrush is a mighty tool, but if you are embarrassed being seen with natty hair, then think again. Have a stain on your pj top? Not exactly professional, but worse, it makes you feel a little less powerful. In order to be the best that you can be, you need to exude that confidence to the world. Whether they physically see you or not.

Because the person you need to impress first and foremost is you. Self esteem has a sneaky way of buoying you up, or tearing you down. And if you are anything like me (I know there are plenty of us in this boat), you need all the cheerleaders you can get. Give yourself a break and start by raising yourself up in your own eyes. That confidence is contagious. Other people will notice and you might find that you go further because of it.

You ARE awesome. Own it!

Dressed for success…

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