2021: Keep Going

Keep going. One foot in front of the other. You’ve got this…

One foot in front of the other. That is the only way forward. Look back to see where you’ve come, fine, but keep moving forwards. Look for the next peak. That’s the only way to stay on the trail and discover what lies ahead.

Forward Motion

Why move forward though? Over the last year, we have all been asked to tread water—to stay home and stay safe. Don’t go out. Stay apart from friends, neighbours, and even family. The global pandemic that has gripped the world has also created a void where life used to dwell. It has felt at times like a vacuum devoid of everything.

The trick has been to keep life going in the margins.

What does that look like though? For starters, it means whatever works for you. Exercise, cook, read, binge watch TV, cry, plan, sit… All of that and more. The world is made up of introverts, extroverts, self-starters, slow burners, pessimists, activists, optimists, and unmotivated wretches too. No matter your outlook or ilk, we are all struggling through the daily changes that covid-19 has wreaked across the world. And we have to deal with it, no matter whether we like it or not.

How to Keep Your Business Moving

If you are a small business, that might have meant that you temporarily closed your doors for a few days, weeks, or sometimes months at a time. There is no getting around that it is hard. Businesses had to pivot their business model to figure out how to keep afloat, change tactics, and sometimes thrive, despite the state of their industry and area.

In Ontario, restaurants took up takeout and delivery services with a vengeance. The government mandated that alcohol and grocery sales could be incorporated into those services too, which helped. New tools and equipment were bought. Heaters were purchased to extend temperamental outdoor patio seasons. Plexiglass panels help, but heavily restricted dining numbers don’t. Business owners turned to pleading with customers to continue to support them, despite dire social measures. Eat!

Likewise, retail businesses were shut in droves. The few that managed to stay open, saw increased cleaning schedules and patron traffic restrictions as well. But for those not allowed to open, they watched their bottom line dwindle, even as bills needed to be paid.

Going Online

Photo by Skylar Kang on Pexels.com

What is the answer? Going online.

I know that not everyone likes online shopping. Many people don’t trust putting their precious banking information out there on the web, for fear of money and identities being stolen. Times have changed though, and online commerce has come a long way. Good thing too, as it has been a lifeline for stores forced to close their brick and mortar locations. Whether you like it or not, the web is here to stay and is a vital part of business for any company, big or small.

Here are some hard questions for you. If you run a business, when was the last time you updated your website? Is it mobile friendly? Does it load quickly? Do you have all the products and services you offer available on your site? Can you purchase said products and services there?

Aside from a website, do you have any other ways for your customers to interact with you online, like a Facebook page, Instagram account, or Twitter feed? There are other places to be found too by the way, but you need to make sure that wherever you create a presence, you make that presence worthwhile. An inactive account reflects badly on you, inadvertently taking away from your presence. Are you still in business? Who knows? Stick with what you can handle, and do it to the best of your ability.

Do it for you. Just keep going…

If you need help with any of those things, we should talk. I spend an awful lot of time online and can help you create a presence and suggest ways to make that presence grow. Whether you do it yourself, or assign someone else to the task. It is important, now and as our rocky world moves forward learning how to navigate recovery. Invest in yourself. Invest in your dreams, your business, and your future.

You are worth it.

Your words make my day. Thanks for commenting!

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