Feeling nervous. Taking a step today. It might amount to nothing, but it is still a leap in my life as a writer. I am meeting with the Writer-in-Residence for the London Public Library and Western University today. I sent him an excerpt from my travel memoir about my journey through Africa. Today I get… Continue reading Critique

Life is Waiting

Happy New Year my friends. The old year is winding down and I am more than ready to bid it adieu. I look at the year to come as a year of possibilities yet to be discovered. The older I get, the more I realize that there is nothing to fear in the unknown. I… Continue reading Life is Waiting


There are moments in our life that change us. They can sometimes be big, significant events that rock us to the core of our foundation. Conversely, they can be subtle slips of time that we don't anticipate, but spread like ripples in a lake that touches everything. Well, last week I entered a short story… Continue reading Ripples