Fall Writing Contests

Ideas and stories are back. The return to schedules have helped to kick-start my inspiration. Our extraordinarily good fall weather certainly helps too. Good thing, as this time of year writing contests start ramping back up. Think poetry, fiction, and your best creative nonfiction. There are plenty of contests¬†available. About as many as the colours… Continue reading Fall Writing Contests

Summer Contests

OK writers. Have you been scribbling tales on napkins at the beach this summer? Did any festivals inspire poetry within your breast? Would that camping trip make for a great creative non-fiction tale to share with the world? Time to think about polishing them up for a writing contest or two, I'd say. Here are… Continue reading Summer Contests

Deadlines Approaching…

Need a little writing inspiration? How about deadlines for submissions! I've come across a few new sites¬†that are accepting submissions of various types. They help to provide fodder for my muse and I thought they might do the same for you. Sharing is caring, so here you go! Gather Your Submissions for ... The Brighthorse… Continue reading Deadlines Approaching…


There are moments in our life that change us. They can sometimes be big, significant events that rock us to the core of our foundation. Conversely, they can be subtle slips of time that we don't anticipate, but spread like ripples in a lake that touches everything. Well, last week I entered a short story… Continue reading Ripples

Phone Calls

You remember those writing contests I mentioned to you last week? Have you been inspired enough to write anything? Good news; I have! The trick is though, upon reading the fine print for one contest, I realized it is a popularity contest of sorts. By the end of the contest, the 12 stories with the… Continue reading Phone Calls