Stories have been coming to me. Not via my subconscious sadly, but from friends, acquaintances, random people... They are sorrowful stories. Stories to make your heart bleed. Stories you wish were plucked from a creative mind with a skewed bent. But alas, these tales are the hurtful events all too real to be fiction. And… Continue reading Storyteller

A Little Crazy

Do you agree? Are you crazy to dream of writing the next "Great Novel"? Or are you crazy not to get those words out of your head, those characters onto the page, to share with someone, anyone, perhaps a rapt audience of millions... We have to dream. And in dreaming, we take risks, which is scary, nay… Continue reading A Little Crazy

Your Stories

How many moments hold inspiration? Which images will touch you enough to bring paper and pen together in creativity? What words or comments spark that imaginative flow? Step out into the world. See life with all its offerings. It is only there that you will find your stories...