Labelling: Own the Hashtag

Own the Hashtag In social media marketing, being helpful is key. Be real and accessible, strive to educate and entertain, and build communication to make your company relevant and sought after. Easy right? Not always. While a successful social media marketing strategy certainly helps, you also have to switch things up and change things around… Continue reading Labelling: Own the Hashtag

Social Media Glossary: JKL

It has been a while since I added to my Social Media glossary. Time to rectify that! Let's step back in where I left off and look at social media terms from letters J, K, and L.  Social Media Glossary: JKL J Jpeg - We already know that images are important in social media, but… Continue reading Social Media Glossary: JKL

Client Communication

October is always a busy month. Between Thanksgiving, birthdays, and the settling in of all the routines in my world, I find my calendar usually booked with family stuff. Being a social media manager though means I always need to find time for clients. And as much as I sometimes wonder if people really even… Continue reading Client Communication

Social Media Glossary: GHI via GIPHY The internet is a mystery to so many, but it doesn't have to be. People love GIFs, use hashtags, and share images everywhere they go. What about you? If the lingo has you lost, then let me help. I've already covered the ABCs and other DEF-initions in the start of a social… Continue reading Social Media Glossary: GHI

A Question of Time

How often should I post on social media? This is a question that many small and big businesses alike ask themselves. Unfortunately, the answer isn't always necessarily clear-cut. When clients come to me looking for answers to this question, invariably the answer depends upon money. Ultimately, you have to decide how much money you want… Continue reading A Question of Time