Phone Calls

You remember those writing contests I mentioned to you last week? Have you been inspired enough to write anything? Good news; I have! The trick is though, upon reading the fine print for one contest, I realized it is a popularity contest of sorts. By the end of the contest, the 12 stories with the… Continue reading Phone Calls

A Contest or Two…

I think I've got some writing to do. I have come across several writing contests recently worth checking out. Care for a gander? Get those creative juices flowing! Now WRITE... WRITER'S DIGEST: Your Story 56 Prompt: Write a short story, of 750 words or fewer, that begins with the following line of dialogue: “If you can… Continue reading A Contest or Two…

An Inspiration Boost

Hey there writing friends. Do you still have that burst of energy that comes with New Year resolutions? Have you been writing in your blogs daily? Submitting to quarterlies, journals or wherever else you might come across to enter pieces? Or perhaps you started off the new year with a bang, but are now flagging in… Continue reading An Inspiration Boost

Time to Flex Your Writing Brawn

Writers start writing clandestinely on scraps of paper, in tattered journals and in front of computer screens with daunting cursors daring you to come up with something to say. Oh, that nasty cursor and the mind games it can play... The intrepid writer takes the bait though and dives right in. The hope is for… Continue reading Time to Flex Your Writing Brawn