Making Time

Time to Write... Blog Schedule How often do you publish on your blog? A few years ago, I had some pretty amazing output. In 2010 on A New Day, I published 337 posts! That is close to a post every day. That impresses the heck out of me. The following year that number slipped to… Continue reading Making Time

Sick Day

My schedule has switched up a bit recently and I am still working out the timing of things. New clients have come my way, at least for a short-term basis, but other clients I've worked with for a while are scaling back a bit. It means rethinking what I need to do when, which is… Continue reading Sick Day

Fading Days of Summer

Summer is zipping by; almost gone! We are well into August and the days are counting down to every parent's favourite time of year—Back to School! As much as I deeply love days spent on the beach, nights by the campfire, and waking to the sound of nothing more annoying than birds chirping, I too… Continue reading Fading Days of Summer

New Year, New Goals

As the year winds to a close, I cannot help but think on the year to come. I have done enough reflecting this year and don't care to dwell further on some of the negative moments that challenged me. Better to focus on the potential of the New Year and what I can make happen… Continue reading New Year, New Goals