Word Flow

So far in 2020, I have been surrounded by words. Words in translation. Memories drawn from the far reaches of my brain. Stories spun from the minds of others. So many glorious words. I am talking about not only reading, but also writing! Word Flow Last year was a tough one for my reading pile.… Continue reading Word Flow

Summer Reading

Summertime. For me it's about family time, lazy beach days, simple meals, late night campfires, and READING! What would summer be without a stack of books to devour? I can't even imagine. Little confession. I don't usually read much highbrow literature in the summer. Give me road trips, sappy love stories, and thin texts I… Continue reading Summer Reading

My Book Affair

Books. I love them. I have a bad habit of getting lost in bookstores, whether they be filled with new or used books. I cannot help but run my fingers across glossy covers. I pick up random books to read the back covers on dust jackets. Seeing a favourite author's name makes me smile. Finding… Continue reading My Book Affair

London Welcomes the First Festival of Reading

It was an exciting day today in my world. Time for a field trip! Not just any field trip either, but one that involved books. My favourite things! I had the privilege to attend the Festival of Reading today with my daughter's school in London, Ontario. For those who haven't heard of the festival before, it… Continue reading London Welcomes the First Festival of Reading