Life on the Go

There has been so much going on in my world the last little while. Between clients updating websites and field trips for me to attend various work-related events, I feel like I haven’t had a moment’s rest the last month. But I love it! It helps to keep my time management skills sharp, not to mention me out of trouble.

Go, go, go! I’ve been to Toronto to see the Green Living Show. A few plays in London were necessary to see for clients I work with. My tree services friends never stop, so I’ve been to a few work sites this spring where trees were removed, trimmed, transplanted, and freshly planted. And I’ve slotted in coffee to discuss changes to client’s web presences too. All with camera round my neck and a trusty notebook at my side. It even has me reflecting on my own web presence as well. Time to tinker.

Definitely spring renewal. Keep it coming world! I can handle it.

A snapshot of my world on the run…

A Good Writing Day

I just need to share my good mood. I love productive days, especially when I can pull them off when my children are home over the summer. As much as I love having them home and the fun we get up to, my productivity often drops during the summer break. So when I get a day where everything seems to flow, I am stoked.

So what was flowing? Well, I wrote a great back-to-school article about arboriculture. Tick off the ‘write every day’ requirement there. I finalized arrangements for my children to spend the weekend with my mother (kid-free weekend! Woot!!). I remembered to check in with the Principal from my children’s school about our upcoming school council and sent an email to a fellow member about a document to edit.

There was more. I touched base with a client whom I am attending an event with on Sunday, to confirm the what, where and when details (I seriously can’t wait to share about that day – potential new client who’s a chef #yum). Another client called to confirm receipt of another article I wrote earlier this week (more than one writing day this week – check, check!). An email came in from another client in follow-up to a phone conversation we had yesterday about new blog topics. Go, go, go…

AND one of the most exciting parts of my day was that I received an email from a new client interested in working with me. He is a small business owner who seems to have a similar mindset to me and believes in what’s right and good not only for him, but for his clients and community—the type of client I prefer to work for.

Working the groove today! Loving life and the gifts it offers. And I want to share it with You. We all deserve days like this to keep us plugging along in harder times. There are sadly plenty enough of those. All that positivity made it easy to tackle the challenge of dinner, plus I now have laundry on the go as we speak. Booyah!

So while tomorrow might be a crap writing day, today was stellar in the life of this writer and I couldn’t be happier. Life seems to be coming up roses right now and I am pleased as punch.

Happy Face

Summer Break

Heuchera flowers in front of hosta
Hello writer friends!

I don’t know about you, but the last few weeks have flown by for me. When June began, I suddenly realized summer holidays were approaching quickly. Eep! While I cherish the lazy, hot days, my productivity always seems to take a hit. And this year will probably be no different.

Between planning a vacation with my sister, end-of-year field trips at school, making teacher gifts, and organizing posts for while I’m gone, the days have been chewed up. My calendar has been over-booked with last-minute appointments, new customer meetings, and a little bit of necessary ‘Me’ time before it becomes a memory with the kids around 24-7 for the next two months.

Now there are only 4 short days left til school finishes—actually only 2 hours and 3 days. But who’s counting? I’m not sure how often my blog will be updated, let alone editing accomplished, or other paid work fit in when the lure of beach days are ever-present. I suppose I’ll have to pay for the vacation one way or another though, so that should be inspiration enough.

How do you keep your writing on track in the summer?


Christmas tree

I am my own worst enemy. I would rather shop when it is quieter, than push the bounds of my patience by hitting the store on a frantic weekend. Lovely! A perk of the job, you say. But when do I make up for those lost hours of productivity – evenings and the occasional snatches on weekends. And that is when my children are around, therefore ignored by Mommy dearest.

Take today, for example. I have my vehicle in getting snow tires put on. A worthy endeavour to be sure, but it resulted in me fitting in a wee bit more Christmas shopping before walking home. And I missed my morning at the gym, which I like to think of as an important part of my work week. If not for the gym I might be 500 lbs sitting behind my computer screen! But again, I walked home and shall walk back again to pick the van up. So a compromise.

One way I tried to cut down on time spent in a mall this year was via online shopping. I can check my clients social media pages, buy a few books from Chapters, then dash off a blog post about how to pick and care for the perfect Christmas tree, all without leaving my desk. That saves time, distracted shopping where errant extra purchases fill a cart, and lowers my petrol costs all in the same beat. Plus, it’s rather exciting to regularly see parcels arrive in the mail. Far superior than the regular bills that pile up there.

Ah, but it’s Christmas! I should just thrill in the season. I will have family gathered at my hearth this year, and will toast goodwill with friends no doubt as well. A positive attitude begets a positive experience, and I am trying to ensure my new year is filled with them.

How do you cope with working from home during the holiday season?


Sand castle

Summertime and the living is easy. Unfortunately, my written productivity is not. How can a single-parent, work-from-home Freelance Writer get anything done? It’s a struggle, but the answer is two words – Summer Camp.

With my kids in summer camp this week I have every intention of rectifying my lack of productivity. Time to get creative. Guilty pleasure beach novels away. No more sand castles for me.

Time to finish some stories!

It was only ever meant to be a summer romance, but sometimes our best laid plans are tripped up by fate…