Word Flow

So far in 2020, I have been surrounded by words. Words in translation. Memories drawn from the far reaches of my brain. Stories spun from the minds of others. So many glorious words. I am talking about not only reading, but also writing! Word Flow Last year was a tough one for my reading pile.… Continue reading Word Flow

Summer’s Ghost

We know that in September, we will wander through the warm winds of summer's wreckage. We will welcome summer's ghost. Henry Rollins September, gasp... where did you come from? It was summer one moment and the next breath, school began. We all knew you were coming, but it still always lands with a shock. Oh… Continue reading Summer’s Ghost

Life on the Go

There has been so much going on in my world the last little while. Between clients updating websites and field trips for me to attend various work-related events, I feel like I haven't had a moment's rest the last month. But I love it! It helps to keep my time┬ámanagement skills sharp, not to mention… Continue reading Life on the Go

A Good Writing Day

I just need to share my good mood. I love productive days, especially when I can pull them off when my children are home over the summer. As much as I love having them home and the fun we get up to, my productivity often drops during the summer break. So when I get a… Continue reading A Good Writing Day

Summer Break

Hello writer friends! I don't know about you, but the last few weeks have flown by for me. When June began, I suddenly realized summer holidays were approaching quickly. Eep! While I cherish the lazy, hot days, my productivity always seems to take a hit. And this year will probably be no different. Between planning… Continue reading Summer Break