Work From Home

It is 2021. At this time a year ago, we were just abandoning New Year's resolutions, settling into the harsh reality of winter, and maybe dreaming of a nice getaway to take our mind off of another gray day. The news held murmurs of a weird flu on the other side of the planet, but… Continue reading Work From Home

Summer Vacations from Social Media

No apologies. Summer has arrived and with it the expected lull in my output. That is what summertime is all about though. Stepping away from it all for a bit to enjoy time spent with family and friends. Basking in hot days at the lake and catching up with friends poolside over drinks. Jumping up… Continue reading Summer Vacations from Social Media

Sick Days

There's a reason I work from home. It's not because I don't like talking to people (because I have been known to talk to grocery store clerks, random people at the gym, and, yes, my cats). It's not because I prefer working in my PJs (because I DO get dressed every day. I swear!). It's… Continue reading Sick Days

Summer Camp: A Break for All

Yippee! I have finally arrived at a cherished time in the summer holidays—my kids are in summer camp!!! Does it make me an awful parent that I am so excited by this? Bah! Far from it. They are super excited as well. They will get to meet new friends, play fun games, learn new skills and… Continue reading Summer Camp: A Break for All

Battling Isolation: A Writer’s Coffee Date

I love the spring. The weather warms up, flowers bloom and everyone gets outside to enjoy nature and each other's company again. Markets re-open and gardens beckon. Housework takes a back seat (at least at my house), and the outside world shines in the spotlight. The labour it takes to make it sparkle is all worthwhile… Continue reading Battling Isolation: A Writer’s Coffee Date