Biz Housekeeping

Housekeeping Day

Time for invoicing, which leads to finally breaking down and updating some programs on the computer. New Year, time for new resolve. So often I hedge on decisions, but not at this time of year. I purged and painted my daughter’s room, now time for a look at my office.

Next steps should be purging my desk, organizing my files (there’s some kind of organization going on? really?!!), and perhaps taking another look at my scheduling. Definitely ready for a makeover. As good a time as any to put my house in order.

What tasks do you tackle in the New Year?



A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Reach for the skies when you dream
A Picture is worth a thousand words and the time saved when finding that picture is priceless.

Ideas come at random times. Just as I am drifting off to sleep, the best poetry fills my head. When I should be focusing on my children and dinner, thoughts strike me for story ideas. And yesterday as I was eating a quick lunch, an organizational idea struck me.

Hurry up and eat, so you can get this down!” my brain demanded.

And I did. My thought, although potentially time-consuming at the outset, just might save me infinite time later.

I am constantly taking pictures. I have thousands of them. I have folders full of flowers, trees, children, leaves, sunshine and more. As I write articles, I often have need of photographs to illustrate a point. That means I either have to go out and take new photos or search through my archives to find an appropriate one from the past. Except many of the old photos are organized according to downloaded date, which doesn’t help much in the finding of specific pics unless I can remember the where and when of them.

So why not create a database of photos organized according to what is in specific folders? What a smart idea! My mind instantly saw the potential and ran with it. If I need a picture of a maple tree in winter for a maple syrup post, all I would have to do is to find the appropriate folder. And they are all my own photos, so there is no fear of copyright infringement.

The trick is it has to be an online photo album or one that I can create online and then save to a disk or cloud server of some sort. Pinterest or Instagram obviously do that, but what if I want them to be private? Hmm, how best to make this happen…

This kind of feels like my writing calendar idea. Apparently in 2015 my life needs organizing.

Mind is whirring. Brain is stirring.
Pictures appearing and time a’flurrying.
Ideas accruing. Overwhelm occurring.
potential, inevitable, conceivable, achievable

Let’s go!

The Workstation

Time for a little overhaul?
Time for a little overhaul?

I am a writer. Sometimes I head to the local coffee shop for a little inspiration, or a better cup of coffee than I can perk. Other times I take a pad of paper and my camera with me when I go out on location to capture a story (Budding Journalist? Not so sure about that). Most often I drop my children off at school and head right back home to plunk in front of my laptop and tap away at the day’s assignments.

Such is life.

The year has rolled over to 2014 though and that usually has me in mind of changes. I am not a big resolution girl, but I do try to take a look at my life and set some loose goals for the year. Sometimes that requires paint. Other times I have internally worshipped at Cupid’s door. One year my goal was to take my writing career a little more seriously. That got me this little corner of my living room to call my own.

That was the best resolution I have come up with by far. But in looking at my “office” right now, I have to wonder how serious I still take this writing gig. I mean, I can hardly see the surface of my desk! What’s underneath that precarious pile on the corner anyway? Hmm, clay, a book I just finished, pictures, and a course guide for continuing studies.

Hard question now. Does it have to be there? Okay, not so hard I guess, because the answer of course is “no”. So why is it? Uh, a decided fault in my house keeper’s abilities? Um, that would be me. Shoot. Yes, there is no excuse. My children drop stuff off, I put off filing, or I don’t have a proper home for things. All lame answers as to why I am drowning in stuff I don’t need cluttering up my desk.

A clean space equals an open mind, right? Well, how is creativity going to find me amongst the tape, cords, slips of random paper and whatever else gets left on my work surface every day. I think it is time to put my office back on the resolution list. Time to purge, organize, clean, and declutter. Think professional my dear. You are trying to be one!

What does your workspace look like? Are you organized, half-hazard or without a dedicated home for your creativity to flair? What works best for YOU?