Getting to Goals

Last year I set some goals for myself. Not quite New Year's resolutions, but things to work on if you will. So... Happy New Year!  Now that 2015 has rolled around, it is time to get working on those projects. Darned if I haven't even got a start on them. Look at me go! At… Continue reading Getting to Goals

New Year, New Goals

As the year winds to a close, I cannot help but think on the year to come. I have done enough reflecting this year and don't care to dwell further on some of the negative moments that challenged me. Better to focus on the potential of the New Year and what I can make happen… Continue reading New Year, New Goals

So This is Christmas

Does this time of year seem to overwhelm you more than others? There are decorations to put up, presents to buy, gifts to wrap, food to prepare, Christmas cards to send, friends and neighbours to remember - the list goes on and on. And Hanukkah starts tomorrow with plenty of its own traditions, so there's… Continue reading So This is Christmas


I just came from a friend's blog. She lost her husband last year and is struggling through her first holidays without him. I remember well those self-same holidays and how difficult they were. To say there were tears is an understatement. Anyway, it would seem that her husband has been leaving her signs. They have… Continue reading Signs