Weekend Words

Last weekend I ran away from home for some good, old-fashioned me time. I went to dinner with my sister on Friday; National Sibling Day. The following day, I met up with a girlfriend for our annual coveted concert outing. We slipped into downtown Toronto for a delicious mealĀ at the Rivoli, before heading over to… Continue reading Weekend Words

New Year, New Goals

As the year winds to a close, I cannot help but think on the year to come. I have done enough reflecting this year and don't care to dwell further on some of the negative moments that challenged me. Better to focus on the potential of the New Year and what I can make happen… Continue reading New Year, New Goals


One of my favourite places to go with the kids is the library. We always have a stack of books out and walk away with fresh stacks after every visit. Generally my kids lap me several books to the one or two that I have on the go at any given time. And that isn't… Continue reading Steampunk


There are moments in our life that change us. They can sometimes be big, significant events that rock us to the core of our foundation. Conversely, they can be subtle slips of time that we don't anticipate, but spread like ripples in a lake that touches everything. Well, last week I entered a short story… Continue reading Ripples

November Networking

It's November. It's Friday. I am gearing up for another networking function today. This will be the third event that I have attended in the last two weeks. Normally I would be content to enjoy the blue sky, brilliant yellow leaves falling in my yard, and my weekly Friday trip to the gym, but I've… Continue reading November Networking