Talking Social

This summer I attended a staff appreciation barbeque for a client. The hosts are great people and I had a lovely evening, chatting with guests, enjoying a campfire and dining on a sumptuous meal. Yes, I had seconds of everything, including dessert. It was that good. As I am a sucker for delicious fare, I had… Continue reading Talking Social


I just need to share. I have said it before, but I love what I do. I really do. Life seems to be giving back to me and I am tickled beyond belief. I hope I'm not tempting fate, but my happy dances just keep on coming and I'm thrilled! So what's going on? I have… Continue reading Appreciation


  So my coffee date got rescheduled. Right after I got all excited and wrote my last post about it. Sigh... ☹ But I am not going to let that get me down. As writers, we are slaves to deadlines and I completely respect that. So I used the setback to push me a little in other… Continue reading Believe

Battling Isolation: A Writer’s Coffee Date

I love the spring. The weather warms up, flowers bloom and everyone gets outside to enjoy nature and each other's company again. Markets re-open and gardens beckon. Housework takes a back seat (at least at my house), and the outside world shines in the spotlight. The labour it takes to make it sparkle is all worthwhile… Continue reading Battling Isolation: A Writer’s Coffee Date

A Social Day

Yesterday, I spent the day in Talbotville, ON learning about aerial rescues for arborists. No, I haven't changed my career path. I have a client who is a tree services company and they offered me the opportunity to accompany their crew on a training day. Their thoughts were that I might learn something new about… Continue reading A Social Day