Tips to Kickstart Writing

Back to school. Back to work. Contrary to popular belief, I don't take the summer off. I might not have the same writing output during the summer months, but I'm still around. Anytime I slip away, I schedule posts to publish while I am gone, but places that require real-time presence slip a bit. My… Continue reading Tips to Kickstart Writing


A Little Crazy

Do you agree? Are you crazy to dream of writing the next "Great Novel"? Or are you crazy not to get those words out of your head, those characters onto the page, to share with someone, anyone, perhaps a rapt audience of millions... We have to dream. And in dreaming, we take risks, which is scary, nay… Continue reading A Little Crazy


Oh my, it seems my plan to not write for a day backfired. Instead of a one-day hiatus to take in the Olympics (who am I kidding, I was stuck to them most of the two weeks they were on), we are now working on one month. Egad! I suppose at the time I also got… Continue reading Return

Time to Brainstorm

Brainstorming I think I need to dedicate a little time to this activity. I have had ideas come to me in dreams, but the morning light has a way of chewing holes in them. So too does extended breaks from the writing process itself (winter holidays were expanded by two days due to inclement weather).… Continue reading Time to Brainstorm