Tips to Kickstart Writing

Back to school. Back to work.

Sun is setting on another glorious summer

Contrary to popular belief, I don’t take the summer off. I might not have the same writing output during the summer months, but I’m still around. Anytime I slip away, I schedule posts to publish while I am gone, but places that require real-time presence slip a bit.

My established clients are okay with that, but ultimately will only stay my clients if I come home at some point. Their social media pages need to stay active.  If their pages aren’t active, then their presence diminishes. Which means a potential downturn in sales. Less money on hand means cutting costs, first up of which would be me. So yes, I still maintain their presence, even if the effort isn’t quite as thorough.

Now the kids are back in school though, leaving me with more time on my hands. Sure, that means that extracurriculars will be starting up, but that doesn’t fill the daytime hours. And it certainly doesn’t refill coffers spent on lazy days, road trips, and adventure. It’s time I looked at adding more writing to my days. How can I do that? More importantly, how can I do that and get paid?

Tips to Kickstart Writing

Time to get back into the swing of things and focus on writing again!
  • submit queries to journals, magazines, and newspapers
  • write poetry, short stories, creative nonfiction pieces to submit to contests
  • join a networking group to meet new people/potential clients
  • finish editing my book (or yours!) to get it ready for publication
  • take another writing class to finish my Creative Writing certificate program (check with your local library, community college, or city to see what writing courses might be out there for you)
  • contact old potential clients to see how their social media platforms are holding up
  • ask other writers if they have any connections they may be willing to share
  • advertise services;
    • via blog, Facebook page, on Twitter, LinkedIn, etc
    • create a website outlining services
    • once other social media links are updated and in place, share links to them on other platforms

Note that YOU can do any of these things as well. This is about motivating me today, but I hope to motivate any other writers out there who might need the kick in the pants that I do. Of course if you are looking for someone to write blog posts, magazine articles, schedule Facebook updates, tweet or any number of other tasks, contact me today! I’m sure we can figure something out. Until then…

Happy writing!


A Little Crazy

Do you agree?

Are you crazy to dream of writing the next “Great Novel”? Or are you crazy not to get those words out of your head, those characters onto the page, to share with someone, anyone, perhaps a rapt audience of millions…

We have to dream. And in dreaming, we take risks, which is scary, nay downright crazy at times. But crazy is what it takes sometimes.

Do it.

– Write


As the birds return, so too does my writing
As the birds return, so too does my writing

Oh my, it seems my plan to not write for a day backfired. Instead of a one-day hiatus to take in the Olympics (who am I kidding, I was stuck to them most of the two weeks they were on), we are now working on one month. Egad!

I suppose at the time I also got caught up in promoting the story I wrote for the CBC ‘Defining Moments‘ challenge, but really it shouldn’t make a difference. Every time I plugged my story, I knew it was a training ground for any promoting I will have to do for any writing I share along the way. And what better way to promote yourself, than by writing or blogging on a regular basis, so that people can read more of what you have written.

I am forever telling people that if they don’t post regularly, they get forgotten in the avalanche of data that streams through our social media sites on a daily basis. And what did I do, but quietly press “erase” in anyone’s mind that might have been interested in what I’ve got to say.

I shake a finger at myself in shame…

Excuses are just that. No one cares that it was March Break, that there were doctor appointments, snow storms, or personal dramas to attend to. Don’t they all make for interesting fodder in the grand scheme of things? Do I need to remind you that the void speaks higher volumes, than brief snippets tossed out to remind people that you exist? Post pictures, poems, share daily/weekly insights, or tidbits from the bizarre. It doesn’t always matter the what, rather in our age of fast-paced consumption of everything, it matters that you are at the table at all.

That is my lesson for today.

The proof might be in a lack of response from readers or a lack of readers at all. If I’m lucky, people will be able to relate and empathize with me. I know of plenty of other writers who have struggled with lack of motivation, drive or other reasons that take them away from their writing. No more excuses. Today I have written.

Care to share what you’ve written recently?

Time to Brainstorm



I think I need to dedicate a little time to this activity. I have had ideas come to me in dreams, but the morning light has a way of chewing holes in them. So too does extended breaks from the writing process itself (winter holidays were expanded by two days due to inclement weather).

You see, when I am with my family, I try to be present. A good thing, yes, but that equates to little worthwhile writing spewing forth. My lack of process (sitting down to the computer with the intent to write) has left my inspiration, motivation and dedication to the craft limping. The cursor mocks me once more.

So perhaps it is high-time to take up paper and pen, head to my nearest coffee shop (solo, I need no other distractions) and get some ideas flowing. What should I write about? Who would be interested in my articles? How am I going to add the needed structure to my day to ensure that I get back on track? It is a start.

Perhaps that motivation isn’t completely dead after all.

How do you get back on the writing wagon after a lull?