Weekend Words

Last weekend I ran away from home for some good, old-fashioned me time. I went to dinner with my sister on Friday; National Sibling Day. The following day, I met up with a girlfriend for our annual coveted concert outing. We slipped into downtown Toronto for a delicious meal at the Rivoli, before heading over to… Continue reading Weekend Words

Stepping Out

Freelance writing can be a lonely career choice. It is a solitary occupation, often done at home, minus co-workers. There is no conversation over the water cooler. There are no chats about your weekend during smoke breaks (not that I smoke or ever have). You certainly interact with people; clients, publishers, editors or other writers,… Continue reading Stepping Out


One of my favourite places to go with the kids is the library. We always have a stack of books out and walk away with fresh stacks after every visit. Generally my kids lap me several books to the one or two that I have on the go at any given time. And that isn't… Continue reading Steampunk

London Welcomes the First Festival of Reading

It was an exciting day today in my world. Time for a field trip! Not just any field trip either, but one that involved books. My favourite things! I had the privilege to attend the Festival of Reading today with my daughter's school in London, Ontario. For those who haven't heard of the festival before, it… Continue reading London Welcomes the First Festival of Reading

Integrity: Who’s Full of It?

Integrity Apparently, London, Ontario is full of it. At least that is what I have been led to believe, thanks to an invite to attend the Better Business Bureau of Western Ontario's 2013 Business Integrity Awards. There were four businesses that were nominated for this year's accolades from the BBB. While there was only one… Continue reading Integrity: Who’s Full of It?