Memory: an image or impression of one that is remembered - Merriam Webster I have spent the last week remembering. Ten years; a long time, but amazing how memories live on. Fresh and crisp, like they were just last week. Time dulls so many seconds, but some minutes last forever... I can creep into some memories… Continue reading Memories


Rewriting Me

Today, I am filled with gratitude. Little could I guess how my path would weave, a mere few years ago. At my soul-crushing worst, I was a shell of a human with little thought as to how I could possibly continue on without my husband by my side. His death was also my death. I… Continue reading Rewriting Me

A New Day

"With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts." ~ Eleanor Roosevelt A New Day. After my husband died, I kept on waiting for a new day. I wanted a way out of the seemingly never-ending battle with grief that left me weak and feeling small. Every morning I woke, it felt like the same day all over… Continue reading A New Day