Quality Some weeks, my mind gravitates towards one focus. Other weeks, a different niche grabs my attention. Recently, kindness was my focus, but this week the concept of quality has sat with me. What is quality? It depends upon the context, but here's some examples from my world. For me, it is proof-reading your work… Continue reading Quality


Communication: The Key to Social Media

One of my clients is a local tree services company. As much as I handle most of their social media and write all of their blog posts, I couldn't do it without help. This week's blog for them is a great example of that. It has received lots of positive feedback already, which I appreciate,… Continue reading Communication: The Key to Social Media

Power of Words

Wow, I just read an article about the new sex ed curriculum in Ontario. More specifically, it focused on the backlash against it. And as much as the article tried to be straightforward and present the facts, it is the comments following the article that blew me away. Holy moly. It boggles my mind where… Continue reading Power of Words

Write me a Letter

The Dying Art of Letter Writing; Dear ... When was the last time you picked up a pen and wrote a letter? Perhaps this past Christmas? I personally pen a Christmas letter to put into all my Christmas cards. It is newsy, smattered with pictures, and highlights some of my closest friends' and family's events… Continue reading Write me a Letter

Spoken Words

Words As a writer, as someone who likes to think of herself as a wordsmith, I can sometimes be obsessed by them. I have been told I am verbose. My word actually. I am sure that comes from the vast quantity of books that I devour on a regular basis. Most people just describe me… Continue reading Spoken Words