So This is Christmas

Does this time of year seem to overwhelm you more than others? There are decorations to put up, presents to buy, gifts to wrap, food to prepare, Christmas cards to send, friends and neighbours to remember - the list goes on and on. And Hanukkah starts tomorrow with plenty of its own traditions, so there's… Continue reading So This is Christmas


I am my own worst enemy. I would rather shop when it is quieter, than push the bounds of my patience by hitting the store on a frantic weekend. Lovely! A perk of the job, you say. But when do I make up for those lost hours of productivity - evenings and the occasional snatches… Continue reading Distractions

Christmas vs Productivity

For every less word that I need to write for others, I lose many more for me. How does that work? You would think fewer words for others should equate to more time for me to dedicate to my own writing, right? Apparently not. What is the problem? Am I lazy? Has another job materialized? Have… Continue reading Christmas vs Productivity