Boekenweek: A Celebration of Books

What's Boekenweek? Have you ever heard of Boekenweek? Even if you don't understand Dutch, I'm sure you can guess what it translates to—Book Week. Doesn't that sound awesome? Even better, Boekenweek lasts 10 days. Those crazy Dutch and Belgians might struggle with their numbers (Kidding! More days for book festivities are better!), but book celebrations… Continue reading Boekenweek: A Celebration of Books

My Anniversary

Three years ago... According to WordPress, that is when I started A Writer's Take. Not that my first blog post went live then. On March 23rd, 2012, I just snagged the url. And admittedly, the blog was originally little more than a mistake that I never deleted. But I knew there was potential there. So I saved… Continue reading My Anniversary