A Year in the Rear View

As the year winds to a close, it is inevitable that I think back on what 2019 held. There were ups and downs, as any year will have, but overall it looks kind of nice! 2019 in the Rear View As January is all about resolutions, I decided to start the year with one myself.… Continue reading A Year in the Rear View

Boekenweek: A Celebration of Books

What's Boekenweek? Have you ever heard of Boekenweek? Even if you don't understand Dutch, I'm sure you can guess what it translates to—Book Week. Doesn't that sound awesome? Even better, Boekenweek lasts 10 days. Those crazy Dutch and Belgians might struggle with their numbers (Kidding! More days for book festivities are better!), but book celebrations… Continue reading Boekenweek: A Celebration of Books

To Read a Book

I am a reader. I think that is a given for any writers that are worth their salt. In order to improve your own craft, you need to find the joy in other's words, take a cue from when those words are ill-used, and just get lost in a world other than your own head. And… Continue reading To Read a Book

Review: The Bear

Did you catch my review on the weekend? If not, please stop by Infinite Pathways where I had the pleasure of sharing my book review on Claire Cameron's book "The Bear". The book is worth the read, but click the link to get a synopsis of it and learn more. Happy reading! Review: The Bear