There are moments in our life that change us. They can sometimes be big, significant events that rock us to the core of our foundation. Conversely, they can be subtle slips of time that we don't anticipate, but spread like ripples in a lake that touches everything. Well, last week I entered a short story… Continue reading Ripples

Phone Calls

You remember those writing contests I mentioned to you last week? Have you been inspired enough to write anything? Good news; I have! The trick is though, upon reading the fine print for one contest, I realized it is a popularity contest of sorts. By the end of the contest, the 12 stories with the… Continue reading Phone Calls

November Networking

It's November. It's Friday. I am gearing up for another networking function today. This will be the third event that I have attended in the last two weeks. Normally I would be content to enjoy the blue sky, brilliant yellow leaves falling in my yard, and my weekly Friday trip to the gym, but I've… Continue reading November Networking

The Power of Words

Along my journey to become comfortable calling myself a writer, I made the choice to take some writing courses through a local continuing education program. An online course was very informative, with lots of leads and ideas of how to write in our digital age. It didn't exactly expand my social circle of local writers,… Continue reading The Power of Words

A Picture of Quality

I like to write. I always have. While some of my favourite pieces are often poetry, over the years I have created short stories, travel adventure series, spotlights and many, many general interest compositions. When I discovered that I could sit at the computer (for hours) tapping away on writing projects and people were interested… Continue reading A Picture of Quality