This morning I got lost in ambedo. Rain on windowpane, puddling a stain on my resting soul. Rivulets washed away cold winter's grip, bruised sunshine drip; its hold tentative, frayed... Icy pangs quicksilver; now softened to Spring thaw— a hint of damp huzza— yet days forward still a mere blur. Today's hold in these stark… Continue reading Ambedo

Christmas Gift

Christmas is in the air. The spirit all around People bustle to and fro, seeking perfect gifts that abound But this year all I wish for, this year all I want, is a piece of yesterday's memory, your soul in our children's hearts. Too many years you've been missing. They wouldn't recognize you anymore. But… Continue reading Christmas Gift

Rainy Day

A rainy day after a night full of wine, women and prose; discussions of books, babies and the like with laughter to ring in year seven still echoing in my mind. Today, I move quietly through motions of productivity routines renewed invoices, emails and inspiration the hallmarks of my writer's craft set to the tune… Continue reading Rainy Day

Spring Submissions

It must be spring. Writing contests seem to be sprouting up everywhere! That's almost as good as sunshine for inspiration in my books, so I thought I would share a few that have caught my eye. Spring Submissions FREEFALL - Literary magazine based out of Calgary, ON. Looking for prose, poetry, photos and art for open… Continue reading Spring Submissions