A Question of Speech

Does this post contain hate speech? Facebook is at it again. Subtle to the eye, but they apparently have implemented another new policy. Have you noticed the question tucked underneath posts in your News Feed today? Does this post contain hate speech? Under every single post. Policing Language I get that Facebook has been under… Continue reading A Question of Speech


This morning I got lost in ambedo. Rain on windowpane, puddling a stain on my resting soul. Rivulets washed away cold winter's grip, bruised sunshine drip; its hold tentative, frayed... Icy pangs quicksilver; now softened to Spring thaw— a hint of damp huzza— yet days forward still a mere blur. Today's hold in these stark… Continue reading Ambedo

Celebrate Literacy

Today is the first day of school at our house and across much of North America. Students headed back to teachers, pencils, books and all that comes with our education system. As much as there was a certain amount of nerves at play, we were all pretty excited for the new school year here. I kissed my… Continue reading Celebrate Literacy

Word Police

The Language Police strike. I read an interesting article at Daily Writing Tips and I just had to share. The article took a look at the book 'The Language Police' by Diane Ravitch. The book itself focuses on words which are no longer encouraged for textbooks. This was a partial list of words covered in… Continue reading Word Police

Power of Words

Wow, I just read an article about the new sex ed curriculum in Ontario. More specifically, it focused on the backlash against it. And as much as the article tried to be straightforward and present the facts, it is the comments following the article that blew me away. Holy moly. It boggles my mind where… Continue reading Power of Words