Labour Day has come and gone. The first school bell of the year has rung. And quiet has descended upon my home. Goodbye summer vacation! While I love the lazy days with the kids and frequent trips to the beach, a return to routine is a welcome thing. This week has been about housekeeping; invoicing,… Continue reading Melting

A World Divided

The world feels broken this week. Stories of ISIS have filtered in through my consciousness over the last few years, but have been starkly focused┬áthis week. While some have noted the growing attacks and bloodshed that ISIS and its members have wrought, when Paris was attacked in a concerted and organized fashion last Friday, the… Continue reading A World Divided

We Remember

Remembrance Day is an emotional celebration. In the days and weeks leading up to Remembrance Day, we look to the past and the people who have fought for our freedom. We are blessed to live in Canada, a nation that welcomes those from war-torn nations around the world. We send troops to their lands to… Continue reading We Remember

Swearing In

Today was a historic day in Ottawa. Crowds gathered outside and in at Rideau Hall to watch the swearing in ceremony for Canada's 23rd Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau. Never having been privy to a swearing in ceremony before, I too tuned in via Twitter and live feed on CBC. And I am glad I did.… Continue reading Swearing In

Exercising my Rights: Time to Vote

Today is election day in Canada. I had a knock on the door a few minutes ago from a representative of one of the major political parties checking to see if I had voted yet. How is that for keen? I suppose they wanted to make sure I hadn't forgotten that today is election day.… Continue reading Exercising my Rights: Time to Vote