A Year in the Rear View

As the year winds to a close, it is inevitable that I think back on what 2019 held. There were ups and downs, as any year will have, but overall it looks kind of nice!

2019 in the Rear View

As January is all about resolutions, I decided to start the year with one myself. No diets, exercise regimes, or smoking cessation attempts for me. Surprise! It was all about writing. And I have made good on my resolution too. My intent was to dedicate more time to my personal writing and the solution was simple—join a writing group. While the summer months were tricky, I am pleased to report that my weekly writing group is still a solid part of my regime. It feels great to be around other people dedicated to their craft and to ride the wave of inspiration that their presence brings. The best part, is that I am not only connecting with other writers, but I am reconnecting with writing projects that have languished on my hard drive for too long. May the end be in sight for some of them in 2020!

Perhaps because of my renewed interest in writing, other forms of writing projects emerged in 2019. This year, I received many fantastic books to review from publishers across the globe. In the spring, I worked with World Editions to promote Boekenweek and took part in the celebration of all things books and—more specifically—Dutch writers. Not only were the titles I got to read fantastic, but the promotional team was great fun to work with. They even included me in a read-a-long of another book in the spring. I read a passage in The Devil Comes to Town by Paolo Maurensig. I look forward to reading some of your new titles next year World Editions!

A few of the ARCs I reviewed this year

They weren’t the only publishers I worked with though. Smith Publicity, Schiffer Publishing, Farrow Communications, and Other Press also sent me ARCs to review. I did author interviews, book reviews, took part in blog tours, and even reviewed products here and there. Not only do I get to read books, but my opinions are requested on them! A readers dream…

Of course reading doesn’t pay the bills like I wish it could, so I had to make time for other writing this year as well. Most of that scratch comes in the form of social media management for various clients. It was an excellent year on that front too. Several of my clients have been with me for years, but 2019 saw three new clients enter the fold. All within a three month period in the fall too. Wow, wow, wow! It upped the ante when it came to scheduling for me, but I love that these small businesses entrust me with their social media presence. It is truly an honour.

Now 2019 is slipping away, and I think forward to what the next decade might bring. I have been blogging for ten years (holy crow!) and it keeps on changing, morphing and growing. What would I like to see in this next year? The next decade? A published book perhaps? Maybe try my hand at public speaking and sharing my knowledge of social media management with others trying to figure it out for themselves? Reading even more fantastic literature that makes me want to weep, laugh, or melt? All of the above? Yes, maybe that.

How does that sound for an intention? What do you want to see in the year ahead for your writing? Dream big and see how you can manifest your intentions too!

Your words make my day. Thanks for commenting!

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