They deserve infinite care. Spoken aloud, they are cast adrift and cannot be retrieved. They can buoy us up or crush a soul. I respect them for that. And fear using them a little too.

Words have life and must be cared for. If they are stolen for ugly uses or careless slang or false promotion work, they need to be brought back to their original meaning – back to their roots.

Corita Kent

Carefully, I craft them. Oh, how careful. I search for just the right ones to convey meaning. Agonize over synonyms. Twist on tenses. Beseech my brain to be true, kind, and wise in my choosing. Even if I don’t always release them into the world.

My throat swallows many words and the cursor backspaces over plenty more.

When are they ready to be borne? Do I hit publish? Speak aloud? Edit one more time? For a writer, I really should have a better grasp of this whole writing thing. Knowing the power that words have makes me that much more considerate of them. And today, I feel like I am choking on some…

Your words make my day. Thanks for commenting!

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