In the Blink of an Eye


In the blink of an eye, life can change. And last weekend it did when I hurt my eye. While my eye will recover, it has been a humbling experience. I won’t share details, but oh my goodness, did it hurt! In more ways than one.

What is the issue, you wonder? My eye has been watery, tender, sensitive to light, and tires easily. My visual acuity is also off. Cell phone use strains it and the computer isn’t much better. Not good for someone who works on the computer all day. I can’t even focus on books due to clarity issues. And driving was initially out of the question. I am grounded…

Thankfully, many people have stepped in to help out. As I am a single parent, normally all errands and running around are my domain. Not this week. One friend drove me to fill a prescription. Another drove my girls home from school and took them to Scouts. Yet another took them to swimming lessons. And one more took me grocery shopping, so that we wouldn’t run out of food. I am terribly grateful for all the help, especially as I struggle to ask for it on any normal given day.

But the experience has left me shaken. I need to be able to see to work. If I can’t drive, life becomes terribly difficult. I appreciate the help, but can’t imagine having to ask for favours to fulfill all my needs. Vision is integral to all I do.

EYE am Grateful…

So while I continue to rest my eyes as much as I can, I count blessings as I sit with my eyes closed;

  • grateful for friends who know when to step in to help
  • love my family for checking in on my mental health while I’m down
  • thankful for technology that gives me glasses
  • even more grateful for those who developed painkilling medicines (numbing eye drops were my salvation)
  • respect my ability to drive
  • love my children for stepping up when I can’t
  • honour my strength to know when I need help
  • acknowledge the roof over my head that protects me while my eyes needs more care
  • give thanks for the cushion in my bank account which gives me breathing room, so sick days don’t financially drain me
  • grateful that I work from home, so despite needing more time to rest, I can still tackle some essential tasks

Next week, I hope to be functioning normally again. My eye no longer hurts like it initially did and my vision is getting crisper by the day. While I normally poo-poo my glasses and hide them away, it might be time to invest in a new pair. My contact lenses are on hiatus for a few weeks yet, so spectacles are my lifeline to the world. And I am incredibly grateful for that.

What are the newest trends in glasses fashions folks?

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