Sharing Pieces of Me

Pieces of Me

Being a writer has its challenges. Whether you write fiction and create fantastical worlds that transport readers out of their own, or you paint stark realities set in the real world—both have their place. Of course, you could lean more towards journalism, where facts get expounded in compelling tones. Even poetry has the power to weave magical images for the intrepid reader.

Sharing Words

The fact is, it is words that we put out there. They are the polished images we present to the world. We can edit them, add depth, or delete prose by the yard. Those words hold a piece of your voice though, and, when shared, are fodder for other’s consumption. But sometimes, I hide behind them.

While it may be daunting to initially share those words, once you do, it becomes easier. Most writers crave the feedback. Or at least realize that putting those words out there is the only way to get exposure and readers. Plus, potentially see a little profit.

Profit isn’t always measured in dollars.

It still surprises me though who I reach sometimes. I often feel like a quiet recluse tapping away at my laptop with nothing other than the hum of my furnace to accompany me. I read and re-read my words before deciding if I am ready to hit publish, then send them off into the world to fend for themselves. But as much as I sometimes use them like a shield, they hold a piece of me. And in sharing that piece of myself, others sometimes turn around and hold out a piece of themselves to me in return. We do not live in a vacuum. Our stories often mirror other’s experiences and we benefit in the sharing.

Connections – When Words Collide

Last week, when I shared the story of my grief journey, a woman contacted me on my Facebook page. Her story of loss revolves around the falling apart of a marriage, but is loss none the less. She recognizes the healing in sharing the tale and was looking to me for advice.

In sharing, you break the solitary vacuum writers live in.

Dare I admit that I don’t usually think of myself as a wildly successful writer? It takes a lot of dedication, plenty of effort to improve skills, and the perseverance to keep going when you don’t feel like success will ever come your way. But I have a voice and I share it. It isn’t about making millions, rather touching others. When random strangers reach out to get my advice, that is my wealth. Those are my accolades.

I have clients that come and go. Occasional published writing pieces beyond the scope of my own blogs. People who recommend my work to others whom they feel could use my services. I have a skill set that I work on daily, and do my best to present it in as clear and concise a manner as possible.

So what am I trying to convey here? Perhaps that I should own my words more. I am not a nobody, no matter how little I sometimes feel. And I guess that feels good, as scary as it might sometimes be to put myself out there. 

This is a piece of me and my encouragement for you to do the same. Find your voice. Hone your message. Share it, so that you can grow and benefit others by the wisdom you have learned along the way.

Your words make my day. Thanks for commenting!

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