Fill my Cup

It’s Friday. The last official day of summer vacation in my part of the world. My kids have been gone for a week, but return today. In a few days, they will return to school and routines will recommence. It is good, but oh how I have enjoyed this summer.

We’ve had road trips, campfires, trips to the beach, visits with family, fun with friends, camping trips, and many other moments in between. I could have worked far more, but instead tried to be as present as I could. There was so much to experience and those moments are precious. I laughed. I swam. I delved into life and left worries behind. Isn’t that a better way of living on any given day?

To be. I am… The proof in the joy that fills my head and warms my soul. Money doesn’t bring that. It helps, but isn’t my end game. I think we could all use that reminder on occasion.

So while I embraced the moments that filled my summer days, I know I have to focus on giving back once more. I have filled my cup. Now have more of me to give. I expect my writing will reflect that in the days ahead, but will sit in the moment just a bit longer. Because I can.

Maybe you should too.

Your words make my day. Thanks for commenting!

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