Content Curation: How Do You Decide What to Share?

Content Curation

How Do you Decide What to Share?

Can I let you in on a little secret? Content curation is not necessarily about creating thousands of things to share on social media. Over a period of time you might write plenty of articles, but not everything you share on your social channels needs to be created by you. It is acceptable and often a good idea to share content created by others on your pages. Knowing what to share though is the key to quality content curation.

Share the Love

When deciding what to share online, you might want to consider content from a source you respect, a local individual, or someone you might want to create stronger ties with. Sharing other people’s content increases their reach, which they will appreciate, but also demonstrates your connections and the people you respect.

Choosing a quality source is key. Make sure their message resonates with yours. Inspect the article for proper grammar and valid links. Select articles that might be of interest to your own followers to demonstrate your well-roundedness. As a bonus, when you share other people’s content, they just might turn around and share yours as well. Think of it as working together versus as rival adversaries.

Let the Experts Weigh In

Share the words of other experts

We can all benefit from learning a little more in life. While you want to be seen as an expert in your field, know that there are also other experts out there. Sharing their work, reinforces that you respect the highest knowledge in your field. Letting your followers know that you are open to learning, will increase their respect and trust in you as well.

Current Events

We don’t live in a bubble. Illustrating your knowledge of current events demonstrates you are aware of the world around you. You take the time and care about what is happening in more than just your own back yard.

Be careful here. Don’t necessarily commit to an opinion—sometimes that can attract trolls and arguments—but show empathy for others aside from yourself. It makes you more trustworthy, well-informed, and likeable. Think holiday celebrations, sporting events, tragedies, local company grand openings, other community events, and more.

Popular Content

thong jeans
Content might be popular, but you have to decide if there’s enough quality to share

Same thing goes for popular content. If everyone is talking about the newest ridiculous fashion, a viral cat video, or an optical illusion that has blown everyone’s mind, why not cash in on an already hot topic? You just might get more new followers by jumping in on a trending topic.

Note though that dressing yourself up in the newest fashions might make a splash on your social media pages, but you have to make sure it fits the image you want to put forth. Popular content is often a flash in the pan. You want to be popular, but also have that popularity last over the long haul.


There is so much information out there. While it is important to share your own content to establish your voice, sharing other content is an important part of your social media strategy. Whatever you decide to share, make sure it is interesting and that your followers think so too. In fact, if you found this article helpful, you could share it! Sharing is caring.

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