Teamwork: Does your Team Work Together?

Last week was a short week, but not lacking in excitement. I shared plenty of regular posts for clients and wrote a blog post or two. On Wednesday though, I met up with a woman who organizes part of a local festival. I spent a good chunk of the day discussing social media, scheduling, content curation, working within a team, and effective social media marketing strategies. The time flew by, even though I really didn’t have a huge game plan in place for how the meeting was going to run. She is looking for me to get onboard in a volunteer capacity, but before committing too much, I wanted to know who else was an active part of the team. Because social media can be a lot of work and it often requires a team to make it the most effective.

Something she said kind of stuck with me.

“Do you run seminars to teach this stuff?

That gave me pause. I don’t, but maybe I need to rethink that. As I reinvent myself this year, I am constantly looking at ways to earn a little extra income. Running people’s social media marketing campaigns is fine, but I often find myself struggling to keep clients on page with me. I can only be as effective as their teamwork with me allows. If our communication is lacking or I don’t know what their vision or even every day work life looks like, it can be a struggle to create an image for them. Constant reminders to keep me in the loop as to what clients are doing is a regular occurrence and one I wish they would learn. And it all comes down to teamwork.

Let’s Work Together

If I don’t know what you are doing, I cannot share that content with your followers. Followers of a page want to get to know the human face behind a business logo. The best way to do that is to be personable, visible, and communicate what is going on in your work world. The best person to do that is usually the person on the scene, but a lack of time or knowledge of how best to share that often gets in the way of effective social media marketing. The second best solution is hiring someone to do that (like me), but that doesn’t exclude you from the equation.

For example, you might want to share a photo of your management team accepting an award at a business event. Invite your social media manager to be at the event so they can do so! Maybe you want to post a video of your team hard at work in the field. Have them take the video, then text, email, or message it to the person in charge of the social media pages. Don’t forget lesser known people on your team. You might not think doing taxes is exciting, but posting a photo of your office manager dropping off this year’s return is something that many people relate to and might elicit a lot of dialogue if phrased in such a way as to drum up comments. It’s timely and touches  everyone.

Don’t forget to remind everyone to share! Every post that is shared by others is seen in front of that many more eyes. Here is a little bit of exponential math for you! Calvin has 500 friends, Rob has 200 friends, and Lisa has 300. If they all share your content, then you have the potential of having an additional 1000 people seeing your post AND potentially sharing it themselves!

Plus, sharing a piece of your day or work week is exactly what your community wants to see. They want to see you as relatable. Customers want to know you are active and that the company is doing well. Life is made up of the mundane and exciting moments, and both are worth sharing.

So what am I doing this week? Thinking about ways I can share that message further. I know how social media works and can talk anyone’s ear off in explaining it. Is there a local market for sharing that knowledge? Should I up my game? Would it be worthwhile looking into? Should I think about incorporating more video to illustrate my points? Or just keep on writing blog posts and sharing with people I meet? What do you think?

The more shared your content is, the better the experience, but it requires teamwork to be most effective

Your words make my day. Thanks for commenting!

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