A Picture of Integrity

It’s rare for me to be in front of the camera. I take it wherever I go when working for a client, but the images I capture are for them and their businesses. I offer a service, and am an important part of my client’s businesses, but not a face of their companies.

When I get to attend a function therefore, I am thrilled to be a part of the event. I do my best to look the part of a professional, but know my place. The camera is in front of my eye capturing the moment, not me. Today was no different.

Today, I attended the Better Business Bureau Serving Western Ontario‘s 19th Annual Business Integrity Awards. The awards celebrate high ethical standards and integrity in business in London, Ontario. After a lengthy application process, the nominees are whittled down to three contenders for Category I (1-10 employees) and Category II (11+ employees) finalists. Each of these three companies is then highlighted at the breakfast and gets to present a brief video presentation on the merits of their companies. I am always impressed by the lengths these companies go.

Today’s winners are 1-800-got-junk (category I) and Hangar 9 (Category II). Congratulations!

I snapped photos to mark these companies’ moments of glory, then listened to subsequent speakers and the Keynote speaker of the morning, Dr Vipul Jairath. All of these people strive to be the best in their business practices, upholding the concept of integrity in all they do. They are a hallmark of what individuals and companies should strive for as they conduct themselves in the business world. And being even a small part of that is a huge honour.

So no, there weren’t any pictures of me captured today (again). And no, this post isn’t about my business. But it is about being a part of something bigger, whether you see me or not. I strive to do my utmost for clients. I try to capture them at their best and the moments they are a part of in the best light possible. Sometimes it is about them, and sometimes it is about the people they associate with.

Today, CLC Tree Services supported Business Integrity by attending the #BBBAwards2016. They received this coveted award in 2010, and still practice integrity in their daily business life. I proudly sat at their table to honour their support of integrity in our city. Accolades today weren’t about them, but recognizing it in others is as important as living the concept themselves.

There are days when my skills are recognized, but today the focus was on others. Knowing that local companies value hard work, ethics, best business practices, and an overall high business integrity reminds me that I too need to offer that. The invitation to be a part of this respected event lets me know that perhaps I already do.

I am proud to say I was there.BBBAwards2016

2 thoughts on “A Picture of Integrity”

  1. Hi kid
    Just. Taking some cool down time it’s 35 today. Today we visited Th site that we will b working on starting tomorrow Th poverty is right in ur face but also a pleasantness I’ve never experienced before. I’ll send pics somehow. I would rather send stuff to you to bling up and put on th interweb
    I’ll make it up to you I promise
    Hugs C

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