Labour Day has come and gone. The first school bell of the year has rung. And quiet has descended upon my home. Goodbye summer vacation!

While I love the lazy days with the kids and frequent trips to the beach, a return to routine is a welcome thing. This week has been about housekeeping; invoicing, dentist and doctor appointments. I have a mental list of people to contact to kick my oomph back into gear and perhaps scare up a new client or two. I even plan to clean off my desk and see if I can reorganize my cluttered home office to make it more efficient and attractive, thereby hopefully inspiring poignant or poetic words to flow.

Today though, it is hot. My a/c died weeks ago, but the scorching temperatures just keep coming—it feels like 43°C outside with the humidex, and inside, the fan is blithely blowing around 29°C air. Not exactly helping me to produce expansive articles for clients, nor scintillating stories for me. My brain is melting…

I give. There are 1½ hours until the school bell lets my equally wilted children out from their un-air conditioned school. I think I need to grab our bathing suits and take them over to my favourite escape—my aunt’s pool.

Stay cool!

Time for a swim
Time for a swim




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