Toast to the Weekend!

The minutes are counting down on the week of summer camp for the girls. They have sweated through a hot one, as temperatures have been in the 30s most days, with the humidex topping out at 46°C this afternoon.

Heat Wave~~~

Coming home has been no help though, as the a/c died at my house. Inside temperatures have climbed to a balmy 29°C despite a fan blowing the hot air around in the living room.

Despite the insipid heat, I have done my best to get as much done as possible while the girls have been away. I ticked off personal items from the to-do list—haircut, oil change, brakes—and kept up with work-related items as well. Social media never quits in this day and age, no matter the weather! I even fit in a business lunch with a client who is going to be retiring at the end of the year, but is looking to shake things up for herself in the new year. You might see some new posts about her upcoming play later this year!

Really though, I am done with this heat. Open windows do nothing to cool the house off overnight and everyone and everything is wilted. I don’t know how I came up with the energy to write, but the week is now done and rain is supposed to wash some of the humidity away this weekend. I think that deserves a toast.

To the weekend!


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