It’s hot.

School is winding down. Our pool has been set up. And not surprisingly, Inspiration is nowhere to be seen.

From the last of the school lunches to the never-ending quest for what to make for dinner, I am struggling. What should I eat, what should I do, what should I write about; all questions I flounder to answer.

This happens every year. Tonight’s dinner is beer can chicken, as it’s too hot to cook indoors and whole chickens were shockingly inexpensive at the grocery store today. As I said to a man grabbing a cheap chicken beside me “they’re probably less than tasteless”, so imagination was in order. Hopefully the coffee porter I stuffed up the poor fowl’s butt will help. If not, there is always a trip to the ice cream company for dessert.

But what of my writing? I grasp at teacher gift memes, strawberry moon selfies, summer solstice themed ideas, and passing fluff (seeds from salicaceae trees) to inspire me. There is only a little better than a week left before school lets out and the girls are home for the summer, and I am jamming in as much writing as I can in that time period. Writing balanced between thank you teas, field trips, networking meetings, and various other goodbye type events. I am scheduling posts like mad to give me a little breathing room for when the kids are home, but I know I will be woefully absent from social media circles in the blink of an eye.

At the end of the day, all this busyness spells summer though. And I love it. I welcome the strawberry moon with open arms and strike another day off to bring us closer to summer break. I’m stressing and crazy busy, but looking forward to sleeping in, lying on the beach, summer adventures, and whatever comes our way.

Happy Solstice!

Strawberry moon on the summer solstice
A rarity; the strawberry moon on summer solstice

2 thoughts on “Solstice”

  1. Interesting fact about the ” Strawberry Moon: so, named by the Algonquin Indians because it is strawberry season, the full moon is also called the Honey Moon (Rose Moon in Europe or Hot Moon as it is the beginning of summer). If there is haze present—June nights there usually is—the low moon will be dimmed and turned to a honey gold.
    Your writing flows gracefully…enjoyed the read…

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