(Re)Published Content


Content is king. That has been drummed into writers and anyone contemplating social media marketing for years. You need to constantly  create quality content to engage your readers.

Is that entirely true though?

As of late, I have been reminded that there is plenty of fodder in my archives to potentially revisit. I have been blogging since 2009 on various sites. That amounts to thousands of posts I could republish, many of which might not have been seen by present audiences. While it might not be new to me, it is new to someone who has never seen it before. And as such, it worthy of being republished.

(Re)Published Content

Before you just republish old articles though, there are a few things to consider.

Check for;

  • broken links – linking to other websites is good practice, but not if the links are broken. Before republishing a blog article, make sure your links are still active and link to the correct content.
  • dated images – sometimes a picture that was good enough back then, no longer fits the bill now. Consider updating images to freshen up the post.
  • missing images – if the original picture has been taken down from a site you shared it from, you might find a broken image in your archives. Using your own images prevents this
  • changes in viewpoint – our idea and viewpoints are constantly changing. You might want to make sure you still believe the views you are expressing before you republish old content
  • changes in formatting – updates to websites offer a fresh new look. Sometimes that affects how previously published articles look though
  • quality of post – the more you write, the better a writer you become. Hence, it makes sense that sometimes old content is just not worthy to share. It doesn’t hurt to delete old posts that aren’t up to present standards, or at the very least sliding them out of published status to give them a thorough going over before you republish them.

Republishing old content is a great idea. It gets your words in front of a potentially wider audience. It saves you time writing new posts. It allows readers to revisit old articles they might not remember. And it just might inspire new words in the future. It helped inspire this post for me today!

Do you ever republish old content? Have you gone back and edited/updated old posts?


4 thoughts on “(Re)Published Content”

  1. I agree, there’s definitely something to be said for revisiting old posts, particularly to see if your views have changed. Writing is an ongoing process of learning and experimenting, and revisiting old posts can be a great primer for provoking a fresh conversation with yourself.

    I actually started blogging because I would often read or hear new ideas on a familiar topic, and remember that I had previously heard something related, but for the life of me I couldn’t remember what it was. So I began writing down my “understanding” of writing, revising it when I encounter new ideas, almost like an ongoing textbook for my study of writing and storytelling. I find it very helpful. The mind is a wonderful source of inspiration and new ideas, but that’s partly because the mind is always combining and changing the thoughts we “know”. Writing them down is a great way to ensure that some things remain consistent, until I’m ready to change them.


    1. Good point Adam. I like that I can see how far I’ve come with my writing over the years. Where some older pieces of writing seem fine on the surface, now I can’t help but critique and want to edit from where my writing skills are today.

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