Worthy Expenses

Purple Finch

My lense caught this little guy when I went outside looking for a squirrel. He was kind enough to sit still for a few pics with my new camera and I’m thrilled with the shots.

I can tell I’m going to have a great love affair with my new Lumix. Why did I wait so long to replace my old point-and-shoot? I can use it for work, capture pictures of the kids for photo albums, and snap nature shots to my heart’s content now. Plus, because I use images I capture on the camera for work purposes, I should be able to use it as an expense come tax time next year. I’d say that’s worth the cost!

And the squirrel was a little more elusive sitting way up high in the apple tree, but I got a pic of him too for a client’s blog post.

Do you use a camera for work purposes?



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