On Fire

‘People born under the sign of the ox have brilliant luck this year with two lucky stars present. Career, studies and business opportunities will progress well with the help of many kind benefactors, and you will reap investment returns. A romantic star shines over you, so singles will meet their ideal partner and it is a good year for getting married and having children. This year, it is easy for you to have accidents and get sick, so exercise caution.’

Happy Chinese New Year!

It looks like it will be a (mostly) good year for me and my fellow oxen. And funny enough, not only did an existing client ask me to do more work for him over the weekend, but two other clients whom I had been talking with before Christmas both contacted me today to help them out.

Wow, that was fast Fire Monkey! If you can work on my career so quickly, I look forward to what you will present in the romance department too. Sounds like I’ll be on fire!

Perhaps Chinese fare should be on the menu tonight…

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