What am I going to write about today? I have been blogging for one of my clients for almost five years. In that time, I have crafted a post once a week, missing only weeks when I’ve been on holidays. That a lot of posts! And as much as I seem to always come up with something, there are still plenty of days when I seem to be at a loss.

Today is one of those days. Dare I whisper the words “writer’s block“?

What do you do when you are stuck for a blog topic? Ideas??




5 thoughts on “Stumped”

  1. -Q&A with business owner or industry expert.
    -Guest posts.
    -Google News Items to see if there’s anything related to the industry then do an editorial on that or connect the industry with something that’s currently in the news
    -Google the following “How to come up with blog post ideas”

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    1. Thanks Suzanne. You of all people are a fount of information on how to battle writer’s block.

      And as a follow up to this; next week I will be having lunch with one of the owners of this particular company to do a feature piece on him. 🙂


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